Fairgreen Holiday Cottages, Dungloe, County Donegal, Ireland - Something Rather Special

Places to Visit

CROHEY HEAD Four miles from Dungloe, south of Maghery.

MARTELLO TOWER dating back to the Napoleonic era.

FALMORE Beside Crohey - a chasm quarter mile long and12ft wide - TALAMH BRISTE.

CLENDRA Mass rock - conspicuous relic of the penal times.

TERMON North of Maghery, site of the 7th century monastery of St. Crona.

SPANISH POINT, MULLAGHDERG Six miles north of Burtonport. Flagship of the SPANISH ARMADA - Baron D'Auburg, reputed to have gone down off this point with five tons of gold in 1588.

DOOEY, LETTERMACAWARD Ten miles south of Dungloe. Excavations by Royal Irish Academy indicate that this was a site of permanent settlement in the early centuries (A.D) - kitchen middens and cemetery site were uncovered together with some 2,000 items including flint arrowheads, utensils etc.

KERRYTOWN Three miles north of Dungloe. Here, at the 'Rock' The Blessed Virgin is reputed to have appeared for the first time on January 15th, 1939.

BURTONPORT A thriving fishing village, which, until recently, enjoyed the reputation of being the second largest 'Salmon' port in Ireland.